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Privacy Policy

KKI Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) recognizes that protecting information regarding companies, individuals, and transactions is an extremely important corporate social responsibility from the viewpoint of compliance (corporate ethics). Accordingly, we have established the following privacy policy. We strive to thoroughly familiarize our employees with this privacy policy and protect personal information.

1. Collection of Personal Information

Upon collecting personal information from customers, we indicate the purpose for using the collected personal information (hereinafter the “intended use”) in advance. Notwithstanding the previous sentence, we may not indicate the intended use in the following cases:

  • When collecting personal information upon receiving an inquiry from a customer by phone, FAX, e-mail message, or through our website.
  • When a customer provides his/her personal information to us during a meeting with our sales staff, by providing us his/her business card, etc.
  • When a customer provides his/her personal information to us by providing us his/her business card or by other methods at any seminar or event.
  • When sending materials concerning our business to an address disclosed on a phone book, the Internet, etc.

2. The Scope of Personal Information

The scope of personal information we normally collect from customers include the following items (the items may vary depending on the language used).

  • Customer’s name
  • Customer’s e-mail address
  • Customer’s phone number, FAX number, and address including postcode and country
  • Information concerning the customer’s workplace

Items not specified above that are indispensable for providing our service.

3. The Intended Use of Personal Information

We use the personal information collected from our customers within the following scope of purposes:

  • To provide products or services ordered by the customer.
  • To deliver materials requested by the customer or materials assumed to be necessary for a customer.
  • To provide high value-added products, improvements, and/or services that could meet the needs of a customer.
  • To contact a customer.

If a customer rejects the use of his/her personal information for a particular intended use, we will terminate using the customer’s personal information for that intended use. If there is a need to use a customer’s personal information outside the above-indicated scope, we will indicate the intended use to the customer prior to using the said personal information.

4. Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties

We do not disclose personal data to any third party except for the following cases:

  • When consent has been obtained from the customer.
  • When disclosing personal data in a state in which individual customers cannot be identified.
  • When disclosing personal data to a subcontractor or any other party, which we have entered into a non-disclosure agreement with, to the extent necessary for implementing the tasks regarding the intended use.
  • When disclosure to a third party is allowed by relevant laws, regulations, or guidelines.
  • When we are ordered to disclose or provide personal data from a judicial officer, a governmental organization, etc. based on a relevant law.

5. Personal Data Management

We manage personal data in an environment controlled by appropriate measures based on relevant laws, regulations, guidelines, and our company rules in order to prevent personal data leakage, alteration, and loss as well as the use of personal data outside the scope of the intended use. In addition, we implement necessary training and educational activities for all employees and subcontractors concerning appropriate handling of personal data.

6. Changes to Our Privacy Policy

If changes are made to our policies regarding the collection, scope, intended use, etc. of the personal information of our customers, we will provide the updated information to our customers by posting a notice on our website.

7. Scope of Application

This privacy policy applies only to this website. We are not responsible for the privacy and security practices of any other website.

8. Disclaimer

The information contained in this website is furnished without warranty except that it is accurate to the best knowledge of the Company. We shall in no event be responsible for damages of any kind whatsoever (indirect, special, consequential, or incidental damage) resulting from the use of the said information which may arise for various reasons including amendment to laws. The use of the said information is entirely the responsibility of the user.

9. Inquiries regarding Personal Information

If you wish to disclose or change your personal data, want us to stop using your data, or have any other request regarding your data, please contact the section or staff member to which/whom you provided your personal information (if you have provided your personal information through our website, please contact the contact information provided on the said website). We will promptly respond to your request based on our company rules. Upon receiving the above-described request, we may ask you to provide information to enable us to verify your identity in order to prevent unauthorized acquisition, alteration, etc. of your personal data by any third party.

For inquiries regarding personal information, click on the following link to fill out the inquiry form.

Inquiry Form

Enforced on March 2, 2020
KKI Inc.