KKI Inc. We support healthy living with our Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice, a low-calorie, low-carb health food.



It tastes good just like regular rice.
Cooked rice with konnyaku rice
For my first try, I cooked 300g of raw rice with 2 packets of this product.
The cooked “rice” looked like white rice and didn’t smell like regular konnyaku products. It tasted good and didn’t seem any different from eating regular white rice.
I normally freeze leftover cooked rice in small portions and later reheat them in a microwave. When I did the same with this “rice,” its taste and texture didn’t change.
Next time I plan to change the ratio to increase the proportion of this product.
I tried it with brown rice.
I usually eat brown rice so I tried cooking one packet of this product with 150g of raw brown rice. The result was very similar to that when I cook white rice and brown rice at a ratio of 1 to 1. It tasted good and by the way I used the same amount of water for cooking white rice and brown rice at 1 to 1.
The cooked “rice” simply smelled like rice and it made me full just like regular rice does.
I think this is a great product that lets you eat the same amount of “rice” with fewer calories.

We have received many more comments.

  • It’s no different from white rice. It tasted good even after it was frozen and reheated.
  • I was satisfied with this product since it didn’t get hard even after cooling down. It was fine in packed lunch.
  • My children ate it just like eating regular rice.
  • I served the cooked “rice” without telling my husband that it was partly konnyaku rice. When I told him after he finished eating it, he was surprised and said that he didn’t notice the difference at all.
  • It seemed even closer to regular rice when I ate it with curry or as donburi (rice bowl) dishes.
  • I noticed the difference at first but stopped noticing it after I continuously ate this product for 3 days.
  • Our whole family tried it. Everyone was happy and said that it was a good alternative.
  • My constipation was alleviated.

* The impression and benefits of the product will vary by each individual.