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Do I need to do anything special when cooking this product with rice?

No. Simply mix 150g of raw white rice with a packet of Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice (60g), add about 360ml of water, and cook it like you normally cook rice.

Can rice cooked with konnyaku rice be flavored and prepared into dishes like regular rice?

Yes. Since the taste and texture of white rice is not compromised when cooked with konnyaku rice, the cooked “rice” can be prepared into dishes the same way you would do with regular cooked rice.

What is Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice made from?

It is made of starch, konjac corm powder, and calcium hydroxide (a coagulant for konnyaku).

How many calories does Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice have?

On its own, 100g of raw Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice has about 320 calories. However, it has less calories than a same amount of rice when cooked because it expands 2.5 times larger in comparison to raw rice.

What is konnyaku like?

Konnyaku is made from a root vegetable that is native to Southeast Asia. It is a traditional food item eaten in Japan since the Nara period (710 – 794). Konnyaku is rich in fiber and has very few calories. Once the root vegetable is turned into konnyaku, it becomes resilient to heat and retains its form.

About how much konjac corms is produced in Japan?

The annual production volume is about 50,000 tons. About 98% of Japan’s konjac corms is produced in Gunma Prefecture.

How does dry konnyaku rice made in Indonesia compare in terms of cost?

Although the cost of the ingredients for dry konnyaku rice made in Indonesia is cheap, Indonesian manufacturers use a costly drying process. We have managed to cut the cost of the drying process by using a different method so the price range of both products is about the same although the cost of the ingredients of our konnyaku rice is comparatively expensive. Since we implement quality control by a consistent safety management system, you can rely on the quality of Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice.

How long is the shelf life of Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice?

One year at room temperature.

Is it an organic product?

Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice is currently not made of organic ingredients but we are planning to use organic ingredients.

Is Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice halal food?

It is not a certified halal product. However, no haram ingredient is used in this product.

Can I expect stable supply?

While our monthly production volume of Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice is 8 tons at present, we are planning to build a new factory in a few years. Once this factory is built, we will be able to increase our production.