KKI Inc. We support healthy living with our Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice, a low-calorie, low-carb health food.

  • Supporting Healthy Living with Konnyaku!

    • Low in calories
    • Low in carbs
    • Rich in fiber!

    A Traditional Health Food Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice


2022.5.19 We have uploaded the Sweet Potato Paste manufacturing process video to YouTube!

How our Sweet Potato Paste is made under strict quality control.

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2022.04.01 Company Name Change Announcement

We are delighted to announce that as of April 1, 2022 our company name has changed from KANAZAWA KONNYAKU INSTITUTE Co., Ltd. to KKI Inc.
We thank you for your continued support.

2021.12.27 We have updated the movie to include cooking instructions!

We have finally made the cooking instruction video! Check it out!

Cooking instructions on YouTube:


How to make our Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice.
by KKI Inc.

A Must-Try
Health Food!

Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice is a low-calorie,
low-carb, fiber-rich health food.

Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice
  • Want to provide healthier alternatives to regular rice?
  • Want to provide healthier Japanese cuisine?
  • Looking for healthy AND delicious ingredients?
  • Looking for ingredients for your low-calorie menu items?

If so, we highly recommend trying our gluten-free Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice!

White rice is indispensable to Japanese food, a cuisine that has been brought into the global spotlight. White rice is eaten not only in Japan, where it is a staple food, but also in a wide range of countries around the world. While rice is so good that it is tempting to eat large amounts of it, many people are cautious about eating too many carbs. The number of diabetes patients has been increasing worldwide and people have become more interested in healthy living. Utilizing Japan’s low-carb food called konnyaku, we have developed Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice.

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Features and Benefits of Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice

  • Feature 1.

    Cuts calories by Approx. 33% and carbs by Approx. 30%!

    By mixing 150g of raw rice with one packet of Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice (60g) and cooking it with 360ml of water, the calories are cut by roughly 33% and the carbs are cut by roughly 30%!*1 When Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice is cooked on its own, the calories are roughly cut by 60% in comparison to that of a same amount of regular cooked rice! Leveraging the features of konnyaku, we have turned this low-calorie, low-carb food into an ingredient that makes it easy to cut calories and carbs.

    *1 This comparison is based on the data shown below.

    • 150g of cooked white rice: 252kcal, 53.4g of carbs (Source: Standard Tables Of Food Composition in Japan - 2015 - (Seventh Revised Version), Item No.01088, Rice, short grain, paddy rice, nonglutinous rice, well-milled, "meshi" (cooked rice) )
    • 150g of cooked white rice with konnyaku rice (ratio of Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice to white rice: 3 to 7): 167kcal, 36.9g of carbs (Measured by Hokuriku Health and Hygiene Research Institute)
  • Cuts calories by Approx. 36% and carbs by Approx. 40%!
  • Feature 2.

    Rice-like Taste & Texture

    Konnyaku rice blends in nicely with
    white rice

    As we succeeded in almost entirely removing the mild but distinctive smell of konnyaku from our Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice, it does not compromise the taste and texture of white rice when cooked together. The cooked “rice” is almost exactly like white rice.
    This product is suitable for a variety of recipes.

  • Cooked rice with konnyaku rice
  • Feature 3.

    Easy to preserve!

    A dry food product convenient for stockpiling. Can be frozen after its cooked.

    Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice is a dry food product. It can be stored at room temperature and does not require much space. In addition, its transportation cost is comparatively low since it’s dry and compact. While conventional konnyaku rice products have mostly been made in foreign production lines, our konnyaku rice is produced in Japan’s first fully domestic production line which was internally developed based on the experience and knowledge gained through our activities in the industry for over 60 years. By putting creative effort into the development of the drying process which is the most cost-consuming step within the entire production process, we succeeded in developing a 100% made-in-Japan product that can be provided within the same price range as that of conventional konnyaku rice products.

  • Konnyaku Rice
  • Feature 4.

    Rich in Fiber

    The amount of fiber, a weight-loss helper, contained in 150g of cooked rice with Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice is about the same as that of 2 lettuce heads!*2 This product is also a health and beauty helper.

    *2. The weight of a lettuce head was assumed as approx. 220g for this calculation.

  • Same as that of 4 lettuce heads!

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What is konnyaku, anyway?

Konnyaku is a low-calorie food that has been eaten in Japan for centuries. What is it made of? Why is it a helper for weight loss efforts and healthy living? Let’s find out!

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Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice: FAQs

Do I need to do anything special when cooking this product with rice?

No. Simply mix 150g of raw white rice with a packet of Kanazawa Konnyaku Rice (60g), add about 360ml of water, and cook it like you normally cook rice.

Can rice cooked with konnyaku rice be flavored and prepared into dishes like regular rice?

Yes. Since the taste and texture of white rice is not compromised when cooked with konnyaku rice, the cooked “rice” can be prepared into dishes the same way you would do with regular cooked rice.

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